Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy, simply put, is the treatment of conditions, illnesses, or injuries that limit your ability to move and perform daily activities as well as you would like The ultimate goal of physical therapy is to restore maximal functional independence to each individual patient.Treatment begins by formulating a plan that is individualized for each person and is developed based on a thorough evaluation, according to their needs and goals.  The evaluation can be extensive  starting with a comprehensive objective examination, which may include…muscle testing, range of motion, posture evaluation, gait evaluation and functional movement patterns, as well as sport specific evaluations.  Biomechanical evaluations can address leg length discrepancies, abnormal gait patterns and foot abnormalities, and as well as postural deficits.

Treatment plans may include a home exercise program, balance and gait training, pool therapy, and strengthening using gym equipment as well as home products. The plan may require manual therapy techniques, which can be used for addressing strength deficits and muscle tightness. Manual therapy is hands on treatment techniques, such as positional release, muscle energy techniques, contract-relax and acupressure. Treatment for biomechanical problems may include Orthotics, addressing postural deficits, strengthening and stretching.