The Sports and Rehab Clinic physical therapy offers a thorough evaluation by a licensed PT in a one on one setting, with a combined approach of manual skills as well as exercise based rehabilitation to enable optimum recovery and performance.  We actively involve the patients in their rehab by providing individual instruction and education about their problems and goals. This helps to make physical therapy more successful. Your treatment will be provided by a licensed PT and will be consistent with staff throughout the course of care. We treat all ages and all types of people with musculoskeletal problems, pre surgical and post surgical. Whether you are a professional kayaker, weekend golfer or biker, tri-athlete or a senior with Parkinson’s disease and balance issues, The Sports and Rehab Clinic can help you. If you want to get stronger, better conditioned or just start exercising, our skilled PT’s can help you get started. Our staff has also had success with pre and postnatal issues.

Our clinic is very bright, quiet and offers private treatment rooms and also has a full gym that can be accessed during your treatment.
The gym is in a quiet, open area with high ceilings, bright, natural lighting and several mirrors.  There are several cardiovascular machines, individual weight machines, a pulley system, Smith Squat Machine, free weights, medicine balls, and an array of balance and agility equipment.  A shower is available and the gym is open 7 days a week from 5:00 AM until 10:00 PM.  Members are given a key code and able to access the gym at their convenience after or before Clinic hours.  Take a tour of the equipment in our gym.

The Sports and Rehab Clinic offers the following gym memberships:




Regular (Under 70) - $45.00 + 6% sales tax
Senior (Over 69) - $40.00 + 6% sales tax


Regular (Under 70) - $120 + 6% sales tax
Senior (Over 69) - $105 + 6% sales tax


Regular (Under 70) - $230 + 6% sales tax
Senior (Over 69) - $200 + 6 % sales tax


Regular (Under 70) - $450 + 6 % sales tax
Senior (Over 69) - $390 + 6 % sales tax